Write your first React Hook!

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While I don’t really see what is new here (kind of wondering why you couldn’t pass a state changing function before, I think you could, and I even did), I know people are exited about it. As I’m currently not working on a react project I wanna keep this succinct article as a reminder of how simple this new and exiting technology is. (Sarcasm intended)

Here some quotes from the article:

Redux and MobX really solve a lot of problems when we’re talking about global state management, and help a lot when we’re building huge applications that need to manage and modify a lot of data. However, they also bring in a lot of complexity for development, so they’re not the best for you to use if you don’t need them.


We don’t need to drop the class components right now, but I think that we’re going to use more functional components, which are a better way to manage state in our applications.

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