Still waiting for pipe-lining to become mainstream

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Sometimes I get a bit upset about a state a project I get to work on is in. Recently I came across a project which frontend served over 30 files that could be reduced easily to about 10. I got upset because to me it is like one of the basic things you have to be aware of as a web developer. I told the others working on the project that is a problem that should be fixed, to optimize speed. But later that day, in bed, I started wondering because the pages were served using HTTPS: was I actually correctin stating it as a problem? Well, currently still yes.

I started wondering because I remembered something about 'pipe-lining'. A year ago I turned on the experimental SPDY protocol a year ago, which supports asynchronous pipe-lining. Pipe-lining allows browsers to request all files in one request, which diminishes the reason why a developer should try to reduce the numbers of fileā€¦

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