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Today I'd like to share with you a snippet that simply uses the 'title' value of an input to make a suggestion. It degrades nicely, also users with Javascript turned off are able to get the hint, by hovering over.

$('input[title]') .val( function(i,value) { return value == "" ? $(this).attr("title") : value; }) .focus( function() { if ($(this).attr("title") == $(this).val()) $(this).val(""); } ); // added: don't submit the suggested values $('form').submit(function() { $('input[title]').val( function(i,value) { return value == $(this).attr("title") ? "" : value; } );


For optimal userfriendlyness, make the suggested input a little less dark than the user filled in ones.

BTW. It assumes you are already using the jQuery library.

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