SOLID Object-Oriented Design - Sandi Metz - GoRuCo 2009

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To be honest, I am very much a ‘pragmatic’ programmer. Lazy. Well, lazy is good they say. True. But there is a difference between being lazy and making sure you can stay lazy. I’m more of the former. Although I think of myself as a reasonable programmer, I don’t question it too much by doing TDD, BDD etc. (which is thought to be of an excellent way, as Sendi explains)… Using the SOLID principles (put forward by Robert C Martin) Sendi Metz explains how you can stay lazy. But of course, you’ve got to invest in that first (not being lazy from the start). Although I’ve been a bit reluctant to adopt the TDD/BDD principles previously, Sandi Metz’s arguments worked pretty well for me. Now find time to put it into practice ;)

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