Solved: Philips PhotoFrame ignores frequency setting for slide show

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My parents experienced a problem with their Philips PhotoFrame (8FF3FPB/00). Although the PhotoFrame was set up to present photos in a slideshow with a frequency of 1 photo every 30 seconds, photos were only displayed for about 5 seconds, no matter what frequency setting was used. My parents use a Apple iMac, and I do think that some hidden files/folders copied by the Mac were causing the problem. After I removed (as a Ubuntu user) all hidden files, and left only the JPEG files on the disc, the problem was solved.


Among the hidden files were:

I suspected that the .Trashes folder with 'trashed' photos inside were causing the problem, but I haven't been able to reproduce it by copying this folder back... nor with any other folder... anyhow, while the problem is still not completely understood, it has been solved.

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