Highlights from the Atomic Design book by Brad Frost

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Since his talk at Fronteers I was interested in the thinking of Brad Frost, his blog posts, etc., but never actually read his book Atomic design until recently, as it got more and more relevant to an internal discussion at an organization I was working for. A few notes:

As to implementation: I was initially skeptical when I saw someone proudly sharing his react components collection as ongoing work in storybook.js as a way to power the design as it really focussed on JS-frameworks such as React and Vue, but after better understanding the use of these tools I can see how even storybook (basically pattern lab with (too many?) bells and whistles). Not all apps should handle the weight of React.

But Atomic Design never was about Javascript-frameworks: It is about creating a central place where code is shared to build interfaces. Start with HTML+CSS+JS, create React components, create ViewComponents or a collection of erb/haml templates if you’re using Rails, or simply present twig or handlebar templates.

Anyway. Good quick read for a weekend. You can buy the ebook for $10, or read it for free online. We’re moving forward with a single CSS repo, demonstrated by a react component library developed in storybook, producing simple html with BEM syntax.

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