PostgreSQL CSV import

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Since I always forget (database management isn't my day-job): a short guide on how to quickly import large datasets in TXT or CSV into PostgreSQL. For smaller sets I still use ruby and FasterCSV to import the set, but nothing beats native DB imports in terms of speed. And speed doesn't matter when importing a few megabytes of data, but it certainly matters when it gets more than that.

In this example I'll use my current use-case, importing a large Drive-Time Matrix table, with drive times and distances between two postal codes. The head of the TXT file is formatted as such:


Now let's assume we want to import this in a table 'DTM' with the following columns: from_pc (integer), to_pc (integer), time (in…

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Introducing Workbook, a new rubygem

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Sorry non-techies, this is really for (ruby-)techies.

For some time I've been working on a ruby gem that helps me on my project work, and may also help other ruby programmers, to work with table imports and exports more easily. Although there are other gems that allow you to read and write to different formats, of which the roo-gem is probably the most well know, I was particularly interested in writing Excel files based on templates.

I wanted to offer my clients more user-friendly Excel files that used some of the more advanced functionality of modern Spreadsheets (AutoFilter, printer styles) that couldn’t be offered by just manipulating styles and formatting using the existing rubygems. Which got me started to think about creating templates to start from, instead of starting from scratch using one of the Gems. Using another Excel file, however, wasn’t as easy as expected and here is where the Workbook gem comes in: to make that easier. Ad…

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