Resizing images before upload

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The resolution of photo's increases every year. And while some of that information may be worthy of retaining, not all is. High resolution images come at a price. Not only storage, but, especially in a mobile context, also data transfer. In this post I explain how you could create an uploader that fixes this.

The old form

Traditionally your form would look something like this:

  Upload image:

If you want to be forgiving to your end users (and not requiring them to manually resize the images themselves) you could configure your server to accept files > 20MB and resize the images server side.

However, to save bandwidth you you might want to resize the images just before uploading.

Enter canvas

To manipulate pixels we need a canvas. So we need a canvas element.

Note: Canvas support is barely an issue, but if things don’t work we’ll write to code as such that the traditional form submit will continue to work


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