Organic Reach of Facebook Is Dead but You Can Still Increase It by 10X in 6 Months With These 14 Hacks

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Having a facebook page as a company, and still trying to reach your audience is increasingly hard. It’s not simply page likes == exposure. Based on a multitude of factors Facebook decides whether to display your post in each of your follower’s timeline. Since it is harder, you have to try harder to create posts that your users like (and engage with, because all Facebook cares about is whether its users engage with the contents). In the end it all boils down to thinking about your audience and trying to make a connection. You don’t connect by selling your product, you connect by addressing their problems (which is kind of phrased negatively; you may also offer quick wins, a thing they can use to make someone else happy, etc). In this article there are plenty of tips to create better, more engaging Facebook posts and most of the tips help with addressing your users in general (much can also be applied to your blogposts etc.)

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