Bye Internet Explorer

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It is easy to say, just stop supporting Internet Explorer (IE). But there are large organisations that require IE for legacy stuff. If you serve these, you might be asked to support IE. Even though, globally, roughly only 2% of the users still use this browser.

For versions before IE the argument has been easy: “We don’t support a browser Microsoft is not supporting,” but support for IE11 doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon: The latest IE (IE11)will be supported as long as the last version of Windows that supports it. That means untill support for the current version of Windows has ended.

With the launch of Edge, Microsoft initially went along with popular demand not to bring support for older engines to their new browser, then codenamed Spartan, but released as Edge. The very latest version of Edge, however, now featuring a Chromium based rendering engine as their default, will also support legacy IE style rendering within Edge. They call this mode called IE mode and can be turned per site. Until recently, however, this version of Edge wasn’t pushed to the masses. But that changed this week as Microsoft announced that they soon will push this browser to replace the old Edge browser via Windows update.

Microsoft is committed to supporting legacy software, but with IE it has also become a burden on the development of the web. At least as webdevelopers we can from now on simply inform our clients that if they simply switch to the new edge they can use both our product as well as their legacy products. Side by side. At this moment I’m confident that this will not be an excuse to keep the legacy around much longer, and it will enable developers to finally say goodbye to IE. Fewer workarounds. No longer holding back on using last year’s new tech. Thank you Microsoft.

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