Social vs. the automated web

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Today I was listening to a talk by @MarcdeVries, CEO of Hyves RTV Oost, a local radio/television broadcaster. Hyves is the most popular social network in The Netherlands.

The points made by Marc de Vries were sensible, he knew what he was talking about. To be successful as a brand, whether you’re a person or a corporation, you’ll need to be authentic, compassionate, social, constructive and transparent. I know that is true, that’s how you build quality relationships, essential for social relationships.

As you may now, I’m not really active in social networks (although my background suggests otherwise), I’m not really engaging. It doesn’t really align with my personality which is more laid back, we’ll see,  favouring quality relationships over superficial ones.

The talk got me thinking about differend kinds of webs, the one about social interactions and the one about practical information. One connecting unstructured data vs linking people. My primary focus is often usefulness over fun and social, and hence tend to be more of a cold information and linked data kind of person. Maybe I should become more social.

Op de hoogte blijven?

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