Consideration: attention, trust & singularity

Attention is scarce and so called information is being thrown at us at exponentially growing speed. So I guess it is fair to assume we'd rather not pay attention to made up stuff, only discovering later that it is all bullshit (or low quality entertainment ;) ).

Todays tools for filtering are mostly using quantitative methods to help you find the right stuff, not really smart and effectively using ad populum reasoning for deciding about what is right - which is a fallacy.

Singularity, the moment when computers outsmart humans, could be really good for us. Singularity is not, or should not be, about machine vs. man, but about how the machine can extend man (in certain tasks) with its ever expanding resources. Allowing us to focus on what is really important (or enjoyable).

If we can only trust the machine. Or the driver of that machine (paraphrasing [Douglas R…

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