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There is no standard way of linking block elements to pages in HTML. But sometimes you do need it. The <a>-element doesn't support any block elements inside (such as <div> etc.). I solve the problem with a jQuery snippet that allows me to simply add 'js_blocklink' to a block elements class and the jQuery code deals with the rest. It does assume that the first link is the 'main link' (also needed for graceful degradation when Javascript for some reason is not available). A bonus feature is that other links may still exist, and stay working. function enableJsBlockLinks() {     $(".js_blocklink").each(function() {         $(this).click(function() {             $(this).find("a").each(function(index) {                 a = $(this).attr("href");                 if (a…

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LiNK is a college society founded in 2001(?) by 6 people, including me.
In its second year of existence I had the honour of being member of the society's board.

		It's current website is still the website as designed by me  in 2002: http://www.islink.nlThe house style has also been developped by me in dialogue  with delegates from both the 
		commission for promotion and cre8 (LiNK's magazine). 		  

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