Keeping track of what is going on takes time. There are plenty of monitoring tools that help you out. Good monitoring tools help you discover problems before customers are even bothered by them. Staying ahead of the curve.

You can monitor not only the health and performance, but also whether exceptions occur in your code. But also more low level monitors exist that beep you when disk is running low.

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Prometheus for slow stats

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Prometheus is a statistics collecting tool that originated from SoundCloud. Designed to be used in high performance environments, it is build to be blazingly fast. Hence, the client typically is expected to be blazingly fast as well, gathering and presenting data within nanoseconds. For Ruby on Rails applications however this has lead to an unresolved issue with the Prometheus ruby-client when the same application is forked (typical for Puma, Passenger and other popular ruby-servers). The Prometheus client collects data within its own fork before serving it to the exporter endpoint. This can or cannot be a problem. When you measuring response times, running averages from a random fork may be good enough. However, when you're also counting data over time you're having separate counters in …

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