[Project] Introducing PortableRails3 Makes Rails3 work on Windows without much installation hassle

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The InstantRails project is outdated and contains just too much IMHO ( Apache, PHP, who needs that when searching for Rails?). Other options to get Rails running require an installer (RailsInstaller or RubyInstaller )... and in some environments ( limited access accounts ) installing is not an option. And in yet other environments, you'd, well I'd, rather have a command line option, instead of an in-your-face installer that requires end-users to press 'next', 'next', 'next'...

So that's why I created Portable Rails 3. It's name was 'inspired' (it's a boring name, I know) by the thoughtfully named Portable Git which makes an excelent companion.

Installing is as simple as extracting (or cloning) and running start-cmd.bat


I didn't do much besides just throwing the binary stuff together. Stuff that went into the mix (I'll update when I feel its necessary):

[1] Downloaded from (basically as instructed): http://jarp.does.notwork.org/win32/

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