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There seems to be a problem with embedding quicktime video when XHTML strict is being used. Solving our problem with the <embed>-tag is no option. But do we have, to have quicktime working on (@ Windows machines) for IE as well as Mozilla users, to use non-validating code, or work with javascript workarounds?

Update: More up to date information on this matter can be found on age's site.

<p>Embedding Quicktime video is not as easy for a webdesigner  as one
	would guess. Simply using the <a href="http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/objects.html#edef-OBJECT">&lt;object&gt;</a>-tag  following the rules
	set by the <a href="http://www.w3c.org/">w3c</a> doesn't work (for  Mozilla it does, but not for IE).</p><p>I try using the data tag for referring to the original  content, and the type attribute 
	for assigning the right mimetype.</p>
	&lt;object data="test.mov" type="video/quicktime" style="width:380px;  height:285px;"&gt;   
		   &lt;p&gt;Error Text or alternative object, or alternative  image...&lt;/p&gt;
	<p>Result: (Mozilla works, IE doesn't...)</p>

Error Text or alternative object, or alternative image...

The type attribute alone should be enough to tell the browser that it's quicktime content wich needs a plugin wich can play quicktime-video.


Well (may I say 'of course?'), IE needs for its ActiveX components a special classID; well, it's in the specs, so why not add it?

	&lt;object data="test.mov" type="video/quicktime" style="width:380px;  height:285px;" classid="clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B"&gt; 
		   &lt;p&gt;Error Text or alternative object, or alternative  image...&lt;/p&gt;
			<p>Result: (IE works, but Moz doesn't... while it's valid  XHTML)</p>

Error Text or alternative object, or alternative image...

Who is to blame?

Who's wrong? Is it Internet Explorer using the wrong attribute for the wrong purpose, or is it the IE plugin, or plugin system wich should recognize the mimetype 'video/quicktime'; just the way as it has proven to work with the flash plugin?

Actually IE doesn't need the classid attribute; when the classid is set to 'http://' there is still the embedded object (but still no alternative for mozilla.

Error Text or alternative object, or alternative image...

First to blame, in my opinion, are the Mozilla-developpers. Tech-evengalism has made them blind, I think. That's the reason for this bugcomment, we will see what happens.

Second might be the developers of the Netscape-compatible plugin for playing QuickTime movies. Will be continued ...

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