So, how can bankers live with themselves? - Joris Luyendijk

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Joris Luyendijk is researchingthe sociology of the bankingsector, this is from a conversation with a recruiter:

Knowing this was for the Guardian, he added with a mischievous smile: “This is where the left seems lost. It insists on solidarity across the nation, with higher tax rates for rich people to help their less fortunate countrymen. But this solidarity is predicated on a sense of national belonging, to which the left is allergic; national identity comes with chauvinism and nationalism, and creepy rightwing supremacists. It’s quite ironic how postmodernists and many contemporary social thinkers on the left will tell you that all sense of belonging is a construct, tradition is invented and nations are simply fantasies or imagined communities. Well, the global financial elite agrees.”

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